The best BBQ day at an organic farm

On the other day, one of my friends asked me to go to Chiba Prefecture to throw a BBQ.

The BBQ site was an organic farm, so we harvested the vegetables from the firm, and grilled them.
You can’t really have such a great opportunity!

I was astonished how big the farm was.

We harvested vegetables with my friends.

There were different types of vegetables like eggplant, sweet potatoes and radish.

All the vegetables in the farm were organic.

The interior of the cottage was so stylish and cozy.

The owner of this farm throws BBQ party or surfs on the weekend.
It’s such a dream life for me.

I picked up my beloved vegetable, sweet potatoes.

Look at these big sweet potatoes!

We grilled these vegetables and some meat under the clear blue sky.
I was so amazed how delicious these vegetables were.

Everything is so easy to get today, but it was such a pleasure to eat something organic that was taken special care of carefully by farmers.

Their website is all in Japanese, but please take a look if you are interested in the farm.
There are actually quite a lot of useful information.

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