Mt favorite beauty salons in Tokyo

Today, I’d like to introduce you my favorite beauty salons in Tokyo.

For my hair, I go to “Lond fille” in Ginza.
A friend of mine Yuya Hara is my hairdresser.


As for style, I leave it him and he makes a nice hairstyle for me every time.
The interior inside the shop is integrated with cute pink color, and it warms my heart.


If you are looking for a hairdresser in Ginza, I definitely recommend here!

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For my eyelash, I go to a beauty salon called “Emay Mie” in Shinagawa.


The interior is inspired by the image of ocean, and I feel comfortable to stay here longer.

At this beauty salon, they don’t do only eyelash extension but also eyebrow extension.


I definitely recommend it for both of men and women.


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For my face, I go to a beauty salon called “selene” in Ebisu.


It is a private beauty salon, so you can feel like you are at home.
The interior is inspired by Moroccan style.

I can recommend you to take facial massage, epilation, and course for bride.


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I would say that these beauty salons are essential for women!
This year is coming to en end. Please treat yourself with these beauty treatments to wrap up your 2016!



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